Restoration FAQs

• What happens to my original photo during restoration?
Your original photos will have any loose dust and dirt carefully removed before being digitally scanned.
The restoration takes place on the scanned image of the photograph. Comparing the original to the digital scan can be helpful in decided which marks are part of the image and which are dirt and scratches. The original will be returned to you after restoration is complete.

• How long does it take to restore a photograph?
The time taken for restoration varies depending on the condition of the original, in most cases restoration work takes about 1-3 hours. The time from receipt of original to completion of restoration is usually within two weeks.

• How much does it cost? Cost varies depending the amount of work involved, the condition of the original, whether reprints at original size or enlargements are required. A typical restoration including a reprint costs around 50 Euro.

• Can you restore a photograph from a scanned jpeg file?
In most cases jpeg files are unsuitable vital information is lost during file compression. If you cannot get your original to me, and want send a digital copy of your image for restoration have a look at my guide to obtaining a suitable scan.

• What if original photo is unavailable can you restore photograph from existing file?
That will depend on the quality of the file you have? If you wish me to check if a file is suitable for restoration email me  I will check if the file is suitable for restoration and give you a maximum recommended print size.

• Do you offer a bulk scanning service?
Sorry I do not offer bulk photo scanning services. If you have a large number of photos to digitize that are in fairly good condition, using the digital scanners now built into most printers may be an option if you have the time and the patience, some have automated enhancement settings which may give adequate results. (Note: auto enhanced scans are not usually suitable for subsequent professional restoration). There are also a few services online where you have send away the originals to be scanned.